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The Country Wife

A classically bawdy Restoration Comedy, widely regarded as one of the filthiest and funniest plays ever written.


Passionate, dangerously funny, and enduringly perceptive, a wickedly enjoyable black comedy that Strindberg considered his masterpiece.

Cuckold Ubu

A sequel to King Ubu, Alfred Jarry's surreal and hilarious satire of power, greed, and bourgeois pretension. Cuckold Ubu continues the adventures of Pa Ubu.

Published in volume Ubu

    Cyrano de Bergerac

    The nineteenth-century French classic about the swordsman-poet with the nose too large to be taken seriously, in an acclaimed English translation by Anthony Burgess.

    The Dance of Death

    A visceral new version of Strindberg’s compelling, bitingly funny battle of wills.

    Dances of Death

    A gripping new version of Strindberg's masterly, darkly hilarious depiction of the struggles and strains of marriage.

    Desire Under the Elms

    A story of greed, yearning and murder with incest and infanticide, and edged with echoes of Ancient Greek tragedy within a New England farming family.

      A Doll's House

      By Henrik Ibsen Translated by Kenneth McLeish

      Ibsen's revolutionary tale of a woman's awakening to her need for a life of her own.

      Don Carlos

      Schiller's great tragedy transformed by Mike Poulton into an intense and gripping historical thriller.

      A Dream Play

      Caryl Churchill's spare and resonant version of Strindberg's enigmatic masterpiece.

      Emperor and Galilean

      By Henrik Ibsen Adapted by Ben Power

      A thrilling version of Ibsen's epic play, charting the true odyssey of an astonishing man as he struggles to find spiritual fulfilment and political pre-eminence.

      The Emperor Jones

      An expressionistic chronicle of a black dictator's flight from his oppressed subjects.