New Platform plays – putting young women centre stage

Thursday, November 09, 2017

We are proud and excited to announce the launch of two brand new plays in the Platform series by Tonic Theatre:

The Glove Thief by Beth Flintoff

Red by Somalia Seaton

Developed in partnership between Tonic Theatre and Nick Hern Books, Platform aims to address the underrepresentation of women on stage by increasing the opportunities for girls and young women. Tonic’s research has shown that 75% of youth-theatre groups describe their membership as having more girls than boys, or being entirely female. Despite this, youth-theatre leaders say they struggle to find scripts with enough female roles to accommodate them.

Platform seeks to address this mismatch by offering new, big-cast plays, specifically for young people, with predominantly or all-female casts. They’re scripts that put young women at the heart of the action, and are full of rich, complex characters they’ll love to play. The first three plays in the series were launched in 2015 and have seen productions around the world, offering exciting new opportunities to hundreds of young women (and young men!).

We’re excited to announce that the two new Platform plays are available to buy and perform from 9 November 2017. We are offering to send up to three titles to you on approval for 30 days, so you can have a read before you commit.

We hope you enjoy reading and staging these excellent plays!


Tamara & Marcelo

Performing Rights Team



New Platform plays – putting young women centre stage
  • Red (Platform Play)
  • The Glove Thief (Platform Play)