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Cuckold Ubu

A sequel to King Ubu, Alfred Jarry's surreal and hilarious satire of power, greed, and bourgeois pretension. Cuckold Ubu continues the adventures of Pa Ubu.

Published in volume Ubu

    Dark Sublime

    A play about joy and heartbreak, quarries and transmat beams – a love-letter to British sci-fi television.

    Dead Dad Dog

    An offbeat short comedy with a political edge, in which an unemployed young man is dogged by his deceased father.

    Published in volume Scot-Free

      The Devil is an Ass

      Ben Jonson's 1616 comedy about a junior demon who persuades his master Satan to let him spend a day in London.

      Doctor Faustus

      The classic story of the learned Doctor Faustus who sells his soul to the devil.

      Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (stage version)

      A superb adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's famous story of the unassuming Dr Jekyll and his dark alter-ego Mr Hyde.

      Dracula (stage version)

      Acclaimed poet and playwright Liz Lochhead's Dracula stays refreshingly close to Bram Stoker's classic novel.

      Dracula: The Bloody Truth

      A comic retelling of the story of Dracula, from John Nicholson and Exeter-based theatre company Le Navet Bete.

      The Dream Collector

      An ensemble play for teenage performers created by award-winning playwright Fin Kennedy.

      A Dream Play

      Caryl Churchill's spare and resonant version of Strindberg's enigmatic masterpiece.

      Faust Parts 1 & 2

      A fresh, performable version by John Clifford of Goethe's 'unstageable' masterpiece.

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      Faust: Parts I & II

      A two-part version of Goethe's great work, retaining the mighty scope, linguistic daring and philosophical intricacy of the original.

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      Amateur Productions
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      Advertise Your Show

      Jules Verne, adapted by Laura Eason

      Created by Mark Gatiss