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Eternal Love

The Story of Abelard and Heloise

A spellbinding retelling of the passionate and legendary love story of Abelard and Heloise.


A play about an outbreak of the plague in a small Derbyshire village in 1665.

F*ck the Polar Bears

A raucous family drama about the cost of living the life of our dreams.


A powerful drama about the potent appeal of far right policies to young people in the UK.

Published in volume Fair & Felt Effects: two plays

    The Faith Machine

    Travelling from America to Britain to a remote Greek island, The Faith Machine explores the relationship between faith and capitalism and asks fundamental questions about the true meaning of love.

    The Fall

    A funny, moving and candid look at young people's relationships to older people, confronting the frightening prospect of ageing in a country undergoing crises of housing and care.

    Fanny and Faggot

    A two-part play presenting two distinct moments in the life of Mary Bell, the eleven-year-old Newcastle girl who was convicted of the manslaughter of two toddlers in 1968.

    Far Away

    A brilliant and unsettling play from one of the UK's leading dramatists.

    Far from the Madding Crowd (stage version)

    By Thomas Hardy Adapted by Mark Healy

    A smouldering adaptation of Thomas Hardy's enduring novel about a spirited and feisty young woman who finds herself playing mistress in a man's world.


    An ensemble play for teenage performers created by award-winning playwright Fin Kennedy.

    Fast Labour

    A powerful play about the growing culture of human exploitation in the UK, delving below the surface to reveal a personal account of life as a migrant worker.

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    Fatal Light

    A short play about a young mother's inability to cope with separation from her daughter.

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