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Spooky Action at a Distance (Multiplay Drama)

A hard-hitting, poignant play about anti-immigration sentiment in Britain today. In the Multiplay Drama series.


A taut, thrilling debut play for two actors, premiered at Theatre503, London.


The true-life drama of the extraordinary bond between two identical twin girls and their struggle to find a voice.

The Spanish Tragedy

A ghoulish and bloody 16th-century tragedy. In the Nick Hern Books Drama Classics series.


A monologue play in which a teenage girl roams the streets of Withernsea in search of aliens.

Published in volume The Kitchen Sink

    Someone Else's Shoes

    A sharp and witty satire on the commodification of art and life.

    The Solid Life of Sugar Water

    An intimate, tender play about loss, hurt and rediscovery, from Jack Thorne.

    soft animals

    A tender and unflinching story about motherhood, self-destruction and the way women help each other heal.

    So Long Life

    A comedy drama portraying a ghastly family gathering with great humour and unflinching honesty.

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    So Here We Are

    A play about what can happen when nothing happens, a compassionate look at young lives cut short and a touching portrait of childhood friendships under strain in adult life.

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    An epic story about generational conflict, fathers and daughters, and whether we're living in the best or worst of times.

    Snatches: Moments from 100 Years of Women's Lives

    Eight Monologues

    A collection of monologues that document, remember and bear witness to a century of struggle for progress and equality for women in the United Kingdom.

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