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Forever House

A darkly comic drama of buried secrets and new beginnings, with three linked scenes all set in the same terraced house.

The Low Road

A fable of free market economics and cut-throat capitalism.

Meeting Miss Ireland

A short play commissioned and performed as part of The Fairer Sex, a series of play readings at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, in June 2009.

Published in volume Irish Shorts


    A hilarious comedy about the misadventures of miscommunication, exploring the modern difficulty of doing business between East and West.


    A sharp comedy about power games and privacy in the media and beyond.

    I Am Shakespeare

    A fascinating, witty and characteristically exuberant dramatic exploration of the Shakespeare authorship debate.

    The Complaint

    A chilling play set in a Kafkaesque world where nothing is quite as it seems, and where office politics can lead to unlawful questioning, torture and even murder...

    In the Next Room, or the Vibrator Play

    Magnetic, nostalgic and gloriously imaginative, a comedy drama from award-winning New York playwright Sarah Ruhl.

    Chalet Lines

    A shockingly funny journey through five decades of birthdays, weddings and hen dos, that asks if we can ever cut the apron strings that tie us to our parents.

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    The Wind in the Willows (stage version)

    This delightful stage adaptation combines all the joy and mystery of Kenneth Grahame’s much-loved classic with the lightness of touch and playful theatricality that award-winning playwright Mike Kenny is known for.

    The Gatekeeper

    A darkly comic play about the disintegration of a family get-together.

    Sex with a Stranger

    Bleak, funny and excruciatingly accurate, Sex with a Stranger examines what it is to be in your twenties, lonely, hollow and uncertain.