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The Ancient Comedians

And What They Have To Say To Contemporary Playwrights

A fascinating exploration of the origins and development of dramatic comedy, by an award-winning Canadian playwright, novelist and screenwriter.

Being a Playwright

A Career Guide for Writers

The essential guide to a career in playwriting, from the team behind the multi-award-winning Papatango, one of the UK's leading new-writing companies.

The Blunt Playwright

An Introduction to Playwriting

A highly regarded guide to playwriting, by an award-winning Canadian playwright, novelist and screenwriter.

Chekhov on Theatre

By Anton Chekhov Compiled by Jutta Hercher and Peter Urban Translated by Stephen Mulrine

A unique collection of everything that Chekhov wrote about the theatre - including newspaper articles and letters - revealing his instinctive curiosity about the way theatre works and his concerns about how best to realise his own intentions as a playwright.

Conversations with Miller (Centenary Edition)

By Mel Gussow Foreword by Richard Eyre

More than a dozen conversations between Arthur Miller, America's greatest playwright, and New York Times critic Mel Gussow, covering subjects personal and political.

Diane Samuels' Kindertransport

The author's guide to the play

The author's guide to Kindertransport, an invaluable and uniquely authoritative resource for anyone studying, teaching or performing the play.

Diaries 1969-1977

The revealing - and frequently hilarious - diaries of playwright Peter Nichols, covering the period of his life between his first real hit, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, to the stirrings of his masterpiece, Passion Play.

Richard Foreman: The Manifestos and Essays

A collection of writings from the acclaimed and wildly inventive artist Richard Foreman.

The Greek Playwright

What the First Dramatists Have To Say To Contemporary Playwrights

An exploration of the lessons modern playwrights can learn from the ancient Greeks. From the author of the highly regarding playwriting manual, The Blunt Playwright.

How Musicals Work

And How to Write Your Own

Why do some musicals work, while others just don't? And what should you do if you're thinking of writing your own? Julian Woolford, a successful writer and director of musicals and lecturer in writing musicals at the University of London, explores the musical-theatre canon to answer these and many other questions.

How Plays Work

Distinguished playwright David Edgar examines the mechanisms and techniques which dramatists throughout the ages have employed to structure their plays and to express their meaning.

Ibsen on Theatre

A unique collection of everything that Ibsen wrote about the theatre.

In Their Own Words

Contemporary American Playwrights

Interviews with 20 leading American playwrights, each with a substantial introduction.

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Innovation in Five Acts

Strategies for Theatre and Performance

Edited by Caridad Svich

An inspirational sourcebook of innovative techniques for creating theatre, with contributions from experienced playwrights, directors, performers, teachers, dramaturgs, artistic directors and founders.

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Inventing the Truth: Devising and Directing for the Theatre

An invaluable guide to the difficult arts of devising plays and directing texts, by one of the UK’s leading theatre directors.

Monty Python at Work

A fascinating account of the making of the Monty Python TV and stage shows, films, books and albums, drawn from Michael Palin's published diaries.

My First Play

An Anthology of Theatrical Beginnings

Compiled by Nick Hern

A unique collection of pieces by playwrights, actors and theatre directors - candid, hilarious, and often sharply revealing.

The Playwright's Voice

American Dramatists on Memory, Writing and the Politics of Culture

Interviews with 15 key American playwrights, including Edward Albee, Tony Kushner and Paula Vogel.

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