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Two Trains Running

A play set in a small restaurant in the Pittsburgh Hill District in 1969. Part of August Wilson's Century Cycle, his epic dramatisation of the African American experience in the twentieth century.

Two Sisters and a Piano and other plays

Nilo Cruz is the most produced Cuban-American playwright in the US and was the first dramatist of Hispanic descent to receive the Pulitzer Prize.

Two Princes

A bittersweet drama about life, love, loss, and sculpture.

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two Palestinians go dogging

A comedy that explores how the everyday becomes political and the political becomes everyday in a conflict zone.

Two Ladies

A powerful drama about the first ladies of France and America, as their husbands clash over an international crisis.

Two for the Show

Scenes for student actors

Edited by Brian Kennedy

A fascinating collection of short scenes for two actors. Drawn from the work of Canada's premiere playwrights, the thirty-nine different scenes have been chosen by an experienced drama teacher, with easy directions and theatre terms explained.

Two Billion Beats (short play version)

A short play about the unfairness of growing up in a world where you don't make the rules. First performed as part of Inside/Outside, a season of short plays staged at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond.

Published in volume Inside/Outside

    Two Billion Beats

    An insightful, heartfelt coming-of-age story and a blazing account of inner-city, British-Asian teenage life.

    Twilight Song

    Kevin Elyot's evocative final play, a hilarious and heartbreaking tale of one family's hidden liaisons over half a century.

    Twelfth Night

    An edition of the play in the Shakespeare Folios series, offering the absolute authenticity of the First Folio in a totally accessible form.

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    The Turn of the Screw (stage version)

    A chilling adaptation of Henry James's classic ghost story.


    A chilling, queer play-noir set amongst the shadowy hills of Hampstead Heath.

    Tuesdays at Tesco's

    A touching one-person play about a person's true identity, the first English-language adaptation of Emmanuel Darley's hit play, Le Mardi à Monoprix.

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    With a Welsh-language translation, Un Bore Mawrth

    By Alison Carr Translated by Daf James

    A funny and playful drama written specifically for young people, about what happens when the world literally turns upside-down. Bilingual edition: includes the original English play with a Welsh-language translation, Un Bore Mawrth, by playwright Daf James.

    Trying to Find Chinatown

    David Henry Hwang is known for exploring the complex relationships which bridge Eastern and Western culture in modern America. It is a subject that has long haunted American drama: how, in a land of immigrants, does one deal with one's heritage and construct a sense of identity.

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    Trying It On

    An autobiographical monologue, written to be performed by its author David Edgar, in which Edgar at seventy confronts the ideals of his twenty-something self.

    Truth in Play

    Drama Strategies for Building Meaningful Performances

    A collection of short dramatic scenes, with learning activities and teaching strategies to accompany each one - everything a teacher needs to help students connect with the material and give a truthful performance.

    truth and reconciliation

    A play about the aftermath of violence, in conflicts around the world from Rwanda to Northern Ireland, and from Zimbabwe to Bosnia.