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Last Letters Home

A short monologue play for a female performer.

Published in volume Here I Belong


    An incisive, unflinching insight into what makes a community tolerate the unthinkable. Winner of the 2016 Papatango New Writing Prize.

    Picnic at Hanging Rock (stage version)

    By Joan Lindsay Adapted by Tom Wright

    A chilling adaptation of Joan Lindsay's classic novel about the disappearance of three Australian schoolgirls in the summer of 1900.

    All the Little Lights

    A poignant, moving and darkly funny play about young girls slipping through the cracks in society. Joint winner of the 2016 George Devine Award for Most Promising Playwright.

    Low Level Panic

    A funny, unapologetic play about the effects of society's objectification of women.


    A powerful, painful, funny play about the meaning of justice and consent when two friends take opposing briefs in a rape case.

    small hours

    A collaborative theatre piece created by playwrights Lucy Kirkwood and Ed Hime with theatre director Katie Mitchell, dissecting the claustrophobic world of a new mother struggling to cope on her own.

    Mighty Atoms

    Ex-boxer Taylor Flint wants to put the past behind her. Yet back on the Hull estate where she grew up, she is drawn into running a boxercise class. Amanda Whittington's play is inspired by Hull's original Mighty Atom, Barbara Buttrick.

    Queen Anne

    Helen Edmundson's gripping play tells the little-known story of a monarch caught between friendship and duty.


    A shamelessly funny and brutally honest play about sex, connection and control.


    A play about the human cost of surrogacy, and what we’ll overlook to get what we want.

    Out of Love

    A tale of friendship, love and rivalry over thirty years from award-winning playwright Elinor Cook.

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