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The Same

A play about two women who meet in a psychiatric institution.

Published in volume Medicine & The Same: two plays

    Last Easter

    A funny, moving and provocative drama about the true nature of friendship.

    • Paperback

    small hours

    A collaborative theatre piece created by playwrights Lucy Kirkwood and Ed Hime with theatre director Katie Mitchell, dissecting the claustrophobic world of a new mother struggling to cope on her own.

    Baby Dolls

    A futuristic comedy about conception, state control and rebellion.

    How to Not Sink

    A short play by Georgia Christou that looks at duty, love and dependency across three generations of women.

    The Nightclub

    A short play about three very different women at a gay nightclub in Orlando, who are caught up in a terrifying hate crime.

    Fucking Feminists

    A fiercely funny short play by Rose Lewenstein, investigating what feminism means, and what it has become.


    Tituba by Winsome Pinnock is a one-woman show about Tituba Indian, the enslaved woman who played a central role in the seventeenth-century Salem Witch Trials.

    White Lead

    A short play exploring the expectations and responsibilities of being an artist and a woman.

    What is the Custom of Your Grief?

    A short play by Timberlake Wertenbaker about an English schoolgirl who is befriended online by an Afghan girl after her brother is killed while on active duty in Afghanistan.

    Red Car, Blue Car

    A heartbreaking short play about guilt, grief and responsibility, written for and performed at the Bush Theatre, London, in 2011.

    Women of Troy

    By Euripides Translated by Kenneth McLeish

    Euripides' great tragedy, covering themes of religious scepticism, the injustices within roles for women and the destructive power of war. In the Nick Hern Books Drama Classics series.