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Madame Ovary

The heartbreaking and hilarious true story of the author's own experience of ovarian cancer.

Madame Bovary: Breakfast with Emma

Flaubert's masterpiece about an infidelity with tragic consequences, dramatised for Shared Experience by the well-known novelist Fay Weldon.


A powerful expressionist drama from the 1920s about the dependent status of women in an increasingly mechanised society, based on the true story of Ruth Snyder.

Loyal Women

A gripping and explosive drama from the multi-award winning playwright.

Low Level Panic

A funny, unapologetic play about the effects of society's objectification of women.

Low in the Dark

A witty and absurdist play that dismantles the myths of motherhood and exposes the sexism of language and religious imagery.

Published in volume The Crack in the Emerald

    Lose Yourself

    A fast and wild ride into the darker side of our celebrity obsessed culture.

    London Road

    An experimental and challenging work which reveals the ways in which even the darkest experiences can engender a greater sense of our mutual dependence.

    Lizzie Siddal

    A gripping historical drama charting one woman's dazzling trajectory from model to lover to artist, to a tragic figure in her own right.

    Little Women (stage version)

    A joyful and spirited adaptation of one of the best-loved novels of all time.

    Little Wars

    Set in the French Alps in 1940, this thrilling play – based on truth – is an enthralling, entertaining and ultimately moving portrait of seven exceptional women.


    A play exploring the turbulent teenage years of a Nottingham girl looking for love in all the wrong places.

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