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Anna Weiss

An explosive, gripping and disturbing play about the phenomenon of False Memory Syndrome.

Passing Places

A road movie for the stage, following two young Scottish lads on their trip from dislocation to location.

Perfect Days

A funny, sad and truthful romantic comedy about beating the biological clock.


A short play about an old couple whose son returns after years of absence.

Published in volume Family: three plays

    The Visitor

    A short play about a schoolmaster on the verge of retirement, confronted by a mysterious young man wishing to pay his respects.

    Published in volume Family: three plays


      A chilling emotional thriller about two men and a woman bound together by the secrets of surviving a childhood in a Glasgow tenement.

      King of the Fields

      A play set in Ayrshire after the First World War, with touches of Ibsen - from the acclaimed Scottish playwright.

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      Solemn Mass for a Full Moon in Summer

      A bold, quirky play from the renowned Quebecois writer, translated into a robust and earthy Scots.

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      A play about love, death, identity and evolution, from the bestselling and highly acclaimed novelist.

      Medea (Theatre Babel version)

      By Euripides Adapted by Liz Lochhead

      Euripides' classic story of the woman who murders her own children in revenge for her husband's infidelity, here given a distinctive Scots flavour by the poet and playwright Liz Lochhead.


      A play written for young people to perform, about two schoolgirls and their daring response to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

      Hansel and Gretel (stage version)

      An imaginative reworking of the children's classic, from the UK's leading author of plays for young audiences.

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      Advertise Your Show

      Jules Verne, adapted by Laura Eason

      Created by Mark Gatiss