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Your Turn to Clean the Stair

A comically sinister study of the tensions in an Edinburgh tenement.

    Prickly Heat

    A surreal and sensuous comedy by a young Scottish writer-performer.

    Published in volume First Run


      By Liz Lochhead Original author Molière

      A Scots version of Molière's play Le Misanthrope, by 'Scotland's greatest living dramatist' Scotland on Sunday.

      Published in volume Miseryguts & Tartuffe

        What Love Is

        A short play about caring for your parents.

        Published in volume Sex & God

          James I: The Key Will Keep the Lock

          The first part of The James Plays trilogy, exploring the complex character of the colourful Stewart King James I – poet, lover and law-maker.

          Published in volume The James Plays

            James II: Day of the Innocents

            The second part of Rona Munro's The James Plays trilogy, James II: Day of the Innocents depicts a violent royal playground from the perspective of the child King and his contemporaries, in a terrifying arena of sharp teeth and long knives.

            Published in volume The James Plays

              James III: The True Mirror

              The third part of Rona Munro's The James Plays trilogy, James III: The True Mirror, like the King himself, is colourful and unpredictable, turning its attention to the women at the heart of the royal court.

              Published in volume The James Plays


                A poetic and heart-rending play written in response to the tenth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.


                A short play about an Iraqi War veteran.

                The Price of a Fish Supper

                A short play about a man whose fortunes have declined along with the Scottish fishing industry in which he has worked all his life.

                Better Days Better Knights

                A sweet-hearted tale of a washed-up knight-of-old, from the grandfather of modern Scottish playwriting.


                A short play about a writer returning home from Palestine to his wife, and being gently challenged as to where exactly his priorities lie.