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A muscular version of Sophocles' timeless masterpiece, offering a profound reflection on the nature of power, democracy and human rights.


The story of Andromache, widow of the Trojan hero Hector. In the Drama Classics series.


By Maya Arad Yasur Translated by Eran Edry

A strikingly original, audacious thriller from a prize-winning Israeli writer.

Almost Nothing & At the Table

Two plays

By Marcos Barbosa Translated by Mark O'Thomas

Two tense and unnerving short plays from talented Brazilian playwright, Marcos Barbosa.

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Almost Nothing

By Marcos Barbosa Translated by Mark O'Thomas

An unnerving short play by Brazilian playwright Marcos Barbosa.

Published in volume Almost Nothing & At the Table

    Albertine in Five Times

    A simultaneous portrait of a woman at five different ages. Five actresses portray Albertine at different times of her life whilst conversing freely with each other and with their sister Madeleine.


      A play from Palestine, part of the Royal Court Theatre's Arab World initiative in conjunction with the British Council.

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      Joanna Murray-Smith

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      27 Oct - 1 Nov
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