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The second play in Robert Holman's acclaimed trilogy of short plays, Making Noise Quietly.

    Being Friends

    The first of the three plays that make up Robert Holman's acclaimed dramatic trilogy Making Noise Quietly.

      On Insomnia and Midnight

      By Edgar Chías Translated by David Johnston

      In a mountain hotel an ailing guest and nervous chambermaid strike up an uneasy friendship.

      Published in volume Mexican Plays

        Disco Pigs

        Enda Walsh's breakthrough play, a fast and formally inventive portrait of two teenage Irish misfits

        Published in volume Disco Pigs & Sucking Dublin

          Stones in His Pockets

          Hollywood comes to rural Ireland in this hilarious multi-award winner which ran for four years in London's West End.

            Little Dolls

            A short play about a woman seeking help from a therapist to overcome a traumatic episode in her past.

            Published in volume Our New Girl

            When Cows Go Boom

            A short play by Stacey Gregg, an oblique parable of love set against the backdrop of a horrific landscape.

            Published in volume Irish Shorts

              Love in a Glass Jar

              A short play from an acclaimed Irish playwright, about a sterile liasion in a hotel room that threatens to spill over into real life.

              Published in volume Irish Shorts

                Meeting Miss Ireland

                A short play commissioned and performed as part of The Fairer Sex, a series of play readings at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, in June 2009.

                Published in volume Irish Shorts

                  Salad Day

                  A short play about an elderly couple who, trapped in a nursing home, plot a daring escape into the sunshine.

                  Published in volume Irish Shorts

                    Nineteen Ninety-Two

                    A short play about two brothers biding their time to savour revenge - but how can they be sure they've got the right girl?

                    Published in volume Irish Shorts

                      Investment Potential

                      A short play about a youthful couple who can't seem to pull themselves up the rungs of the property ladder.

                      Published in volume Irish Shorts