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A play about the private and disturbing moments a couple share, exploring what becomes of a relationship when it is held together not only by love, but by fear, guilt and despair.

The Nest

A fable about the moral and environmental cost of our materialistic nesting instincts.

Nineteen Ninety-Two

A short play about two brothers biding their time to savour revenge - but how can they be sure they've got the right girl?

Published in volume Irish Shorts

    Notes on Falling Leaves

    A poignant, elegiac short play from the author of East is East.

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    A Number

    A fascinating meditation on human cloning, personal identity and the conflicting claims of nature and nurture.

    Old Fools

    A surprising and touching tale about a couple, their experience of Alzheimer’s, and their enduring efforts to hold their relationship together through the years.

    On Insomnia and Midnight

    By Edgar Chías Translated by David Johnston

    In a mountain hotel an ailing guest and nervous chambermaid strike up an uneasy friendship.

    Published in volume Mexican Plays

      On the Ceiling

      A quirky comedy about the painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, from the well-known actor and writer - seen in the West End starring Ron Cook and Ralf Little.

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      One Jewish Boy

      A bittersweet comedy addressing anti-Semitism through one young family's struggle against prejudice.


      A frank, refreshing romance that draws on interviews, conversation and private correspondence to explore the authors' real-life open marriage.


      A captivating, darkly comic play that questions what it means to be human.


      A darkly comic, claustrophobic tale of voyeurism and sexual politics.