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Mojo Mickybo

An unsentimental portrayal of innocence betrayed by communal hatred in Belfast during the 1970s.

Published in volume Mojo Mickybo: Three Plays


A powerful anatomy of misogyny, by 'one of the most significant new Irish writers of his generation' (Sunday Times).

Published in volume The Crack in the Emerald

    The Mikvah Project

    A playful and poignant play about two men who meet every Friday in a north-west London Mikvah, a traditional Jewish pool used for ritual cleansing.

    The Merthyr Stigmatist

    A fierce and exhilarating play about faith and truth, a hymn to community, and a testament to the power of young people.


    A thrilling two-hander that looks at the complexities of a mother-daughter relationship, the growing argument between rich and poor, and a young woman stuck in between.

    Meeting Miss Ireland

    A short play commissioned and performed as part of The Fairer Sex, a series of play readings at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, in June 2009.

    Published in volume Irish Shorts

      Mary's Babies

      A provocative, funny and fascinating play, inspired by the true story of Mary Barton and her husband Bertold Wiesner, pioneers of fertility treatment.

      Manon / Sandra

      A controversial but humane play about an obsessively religious girl and a sex-obsessed transvestite, by the renowned Quebecois writer.

        Lynndie's Gotta Gun

        A short play published for the first time, written during the author's time working with European theatremakers.

        Love Upon the Throne

        A gleefully comic retelling of the Charles and Diana story, designed to be performed by two (male) actors.

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        Love in a Glass Jar

        A short play from an acclaimed Irish playwright, about a sterile liasion in a hotel room that threatens to spill over into real life.

        Published in volume Irish Shorts


          The second play in Robert Holman's acclaimed trilogy of short plays, Making Noise Quietly.