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Catherine Medbh

A bittersweet and hesitant duologue in a bar between a youngish man and woman who are ex-lovers.

Published in volume St Petersburg and other plays

    Closer to God

    A short play exploring the private worlds of strangers, living side by side but generations apart.


    A funny, furious monologue about holding on in this collapsing world.

    Come On Over

    A Jesuit priest, sent to investigate a 'miracle' in his home town, re-encounters the woman who loved him thirty years before.

    The Comeback

    A heartwarming, joyful and dazzlingly funny exploration of bittersweet nostalgia and the enduring power of friendship.


    An ink-black comedy about the boundaries between work and play.

    Cosmic Scallies

    A witty and touching new play about class, friendship and absence.


    A startling play about what – and who – we consume.


    A play with live music, waltzing and unexpected connections, exploring how we return, resettle and adapt.

    Days of Wine and Roses (stage version)

    JP Miller's 1962 film Days of Wine and Roses, adapted brilliantly for the stage by Owen McCafferty.

    Dead Dad Dog

    An offbeat short comedy with a political edge, in which an unemployed young man is dogged by his deceased father.

    Published in volume Scot-Free

      Dear Lupin (stage version)

      Michael Simkins' immensely charming stage adaptation of Dear Lupin, the witty and touching collection of letters from a father to his son that became a huge bestseller, winner of The Sunday Times Humour Book of the Year.

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