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A heartbreaking study of heritage, grief and family, Rose is a powerful drama about a Middle-Eastern immigrant's struggle to raise his daughter 'the English way'.

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An ultra-contemporary, sexy and funny play that pushes the boundaries of trust, love and lust to the limit.

Salad Day

A short play about an elderly couple who, trapped in a nursing home, plot a daring escape into the sunshine.

Published in volume Irish Shorts

    The Same

    A play about two women who meet in a psychiatric institution.

    Published in volume Medicine & The Same: two plays

      Satin 'n' Steel

      A comic two-hander about the irresistible allure of showbusiness, from the author of Be My Baby.


      A play about death and rebirth, from an award-winning Irish playwright.

      Published in volume SAUCE and All honey: Two Plays

        The Saviour

        A play charting the extraordinary shift in social, political and religious life in Ireland over the past thirty years.

        Saying Yes

        A short play by a leading Argentine playwright, telling the shocking story of an everyday trip to the hairdressers.


        An electrifying portrayal of a dangerously charged romance between a fifteen-year-old and their teacher.


        A play about two mothers united in sorrow, sharing the hardship of protecting their sons – one in life, and one in death.

        The Silence and the Noise

        A play that beautifully captures the story of two young people on the edge. Joint winner of the 2021 Papatango New Writing Prize.

        Published in volume Papatango Plays

          The Small Things

          A fierce and devastating fable about enforced silence.

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          Jules Verne, adapted by Laura Eason