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Wild Swimming

A kaleidoscopic exploration of cultural progress, an interrogation of gender and privilege, and a wilfully ignorant history of English Literature.

Wilderness (April De Angelis)

A short play about a patient and her psychiatrist as they head into the wilderness to find out how sane any of us really are.

    Wind Bit Bitter, Bit Bit Bit Her

    An enthralling monologue about love and loss.


    An electrifying drama about what happens to personal identity in an age of ubiquitous technology and social media.


    A play from Syria, part of the Royal Court Theatre's Arab World initiative in conjunction with the British Council.


    A wildly imaginative, irreverent look at life in and after the care system.

    Wolves Are Coming For You

    A play for two actors – or many more – exploring just how much wild we're comfortable with.

    The Wonder of Sex

    A delightfully wacky comedy about the facts of life, from the fictional 'National Theatre of Brent'.

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