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Cold Comfort

A powerful monologue about an Irish labourer living in London who returns home to Belfast to have a last, drunken 'conversation' with his recently dead father.

Published in volume Singular Male Voices


    A darkly satirical monologue about fatherhood, love and toxic masculinity.

    Dean McBride

    A vivid and poetic monologue play about deprivation, loss and redemption through love, telling the story of Dean, a young man hardened by suffering, who struggles in life before finding his way back to happiness.

    Death of a Cyclist

    A poignant, bleakly comic short monologue told by a woman killed in a cycling accident.


    Ten years after 9/11, twenty international writers respond to the defining event of our times.

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    Drawing Crosses on a Dusty Windowpane

    A play about losing someone close to you, about the human need to remember and connect.


    By Tom Wells By (composer) Matthew Robins

    A one-man musical comedy about a fifteen-year-old boy who finds himself in deep water when he joins a synchronised swimming team, even though he can't swim.

    Drip Feed

    An infectious, dark comedy monologue play about the messiness of being young(ish), female and queer.


    Terence Rattigan's Duologue is a short monologue play for a female actor in which a woman reminisces movingly about her dead husband.

    Published in volume Who is Sylvia? and Duologue


      Eight compelling monologues offering a state-of-the-nation group portrait for the stage.

      The Encounter

      A solo show tracing one man's journey into the Amazon rainforest and to the limits of human consciousness, inspired by the book Amazon Beaming by Petru Popescu.

      Finsbury Park

      A short autobiographical monologue, first performed as part of the Come to Where I'm From festival at the Park Theatre, London, in 2016.