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A raw, funny, bittersweet play about the complexities of masculinity, depression and therapy.


A powerful story of fire and destruction, self-deceit and the corrosion of trust.

Published in volume Mrs Delgado

    Mrs Delgado

    A funny and poignant play for one actor that tells a story of desire, control, raised blinds and lowered boundaries. This edition also includes the monologue Phoenix.

    Far Gone

    A profoundly moving play about a young Ugandan boy's journey from childhood innocence to child soldier, seen through the eyes of those that love him and those that betray him.

    Prima Facie

    A brilliant, award-winning play for a solo actor, about a young, successful barrister forced to confront the patriarchal power of the law.

    Patricia Gets Ready (for a date with the man that used to hit her)

    A powerful play for one actor about a woman recovering from an abusive relationship.

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