NHB Classic Plays

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James Joyce's only play, a startlingly modern portrait of a marriage.

An Enemy of the People

Arthur Miller's version of Ibsen's most explosive play.

The Enchantment

The extraordinary and mesmeric play by the Swedish author who was reputedly a model for Miss Julie and Hedda Gabler.

The Emperor Jones

An expressionistic chronicle of a black dictator's flight from his oppressed subjects.

    Emperor and Galilean

    By Henrik Ibsen Adapted by Ben Power

    A thrilling version of Ibsen's epic play, charting the true odyssey of an astonishing man as he struggles to find spiritual fulfilment and political pre-eminence.

    A Dream Play

    Caryl Churchill's spare and resonant version of Strindberg's enigmatic masterpiece.

    Don Carlos

    Schiller's great tragedy transformed by Mike Poulton into an intense and gripping historical thriller.

    A Doll's House

    By Henrik Ibsen Translated by Kenneth McLeish

    Ibsen's revolutionary tale of a woman's awakening to her need for a life of her own.

    Desire Under the Elms

    A story of greed, yearning and murder with incest and infanticide, and edged with echoes of Ancient Greek tragedy within a New England farming family.

      Dances of Death

      A gripping new version of Strindberg's masterly, darkly hilarious depiction of the struggles and strains of marriage.

      The Dance of Death

      A visceral new version of Strindberg’s compelling, bitingly funny battle of wills.

      Cyrano de Bergerac

      The nineteenth-century French classic about the swordsman-poet with the nose too large to be taken seriously, in an acclaimed English translation by Anthony Burgess.