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Glass. Kill. Bluebeard. Imp.

A girl made of glass. Gods and murders. A serial killer's friends. And a secret in a bottle. Four stories by Caryl Churchill.

Ghosts (Drama Classic)

By Henrik Ibsen Translated by Stephen Mulrine

An English version of Ibsen's great play, published in the Nick Hern Books Drama Classics series.

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A 30-minute drama about three generations of a black South African family who contest their relative culinary skills. But food isn't the only topic and the family numbers are declining...

Published in volume trade & generations: two plays

    The Gathered Leaves

    A moving, poignant and funny family drama that sees the weight of family history, of reputation, and of expectation, all descend on one family over Easter weekend in 1997.

    The Gatekeeper

    A darkly comic play about the disintegration of a family get-together.


    Sondheim's landmark musical about a reunion of showgirls, with a book by James Goldman.


    A big-hearted, bittersweet comedy about mothers, sisters, love and lies.

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    A big-hearted, hilarious drama about what it means to entwine our lives with another, told by four resilient, witty Glaswegian characters.

    The Female of the Species

    A deliciously wicked comedy that proves that the female of the species is not only deadlier, but funnier than the male.

    Far Away

    A brilliant and unsettling play from one of the UK's leading dramatists.

    Fanny & Alexander (stage version)

    Ingmar Bergman’s magical study of childhood, family and love.

    The Faith Machine

    Travelling from America to Britain to a remote Greek island, The Faith Machine explores the relationship between faith and capitalism and asks fundamental questions about the true meaning of love.