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Doris Day

A short play about two police officers and their different expectations of the job.

Drawing Crosses on a Dusty Windowpane

A play about losing someone close to you, about the human need to remember and connect.

The Dream Collector

An ensemble play for teenage performers created by award-winning playwright Fin Kennedy.

Dream Pill

A short play about two children forced into prostitution.

Dreams of Violence

A riotous comedy about love, death and responsibility.

Drip Feed

An infectious, dark comedy monologue play about the messiness of being young(ish), female and queer.


A sparky and moving first play about female friendship, set in contemporary Dublin. 


Terence Rattigan's Duologue is a short monologue play for a female actor in which a woman reminisces movingly about her dead husband.

Published in volume Who is Sylvia? and Duologue

    Dusk Rings A Bell

    A beautifully crafted play from the American playwright, author of Tape and associate writer of The Laramie Project, whose events are echoed in this play.

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    A bloody tale of colonialism – ancient and modern – and the rhyme of history. Part of the Arabian Nightmares trilogy.

    Edgar & Annabel

    An Orwellian dystopian fable about a group of freedom fighters attempting to stand up to a repressive regime, while being continuously subjected to surveillance.


    A dark comedy about female friendship, fertility and freaking out, by Florence Keith-Roach, 'rising star of the London theatre scene' (Evening Standard).