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The Importance of Being Alfred

A short play about Lord Alfred Douglas, the former lover of Oscar Wilde, and his latter years as the supporter of a prominent homophobe.

Drawing Crosses on a Dusty Windowpane

A play about losing someone close to you, about the human need to remember and connect.

The Nightclub

A short play about three very different women at a gay nightclub in Orlando, who are caught up in a terrifying hate crime.

Bleeding Heart

A short dark comedy from Spain, in which a naive middle-aged transvestite encounters a petty thief nicknamed 'sour face'.

Manon / Sandra

A controversial but humane play about an obsessively religious girl and a sex-obsessed transvestite, by the renowned Quebecois writer.

    Being Friends

    The first of the three plays that make up Robert Holman's acclaimed dramatic trilogy Making Noise Quietly.


      A short play from the author of Jumpers for Goalposts.

      Published in volume Jumpers for Goalposts

        Aloe Aloe

        A provocative short play about parenthood and responsibility, from the author of Mr Incredible and Where Do Little Birds Go?.

        Published in volume Mr Incredible


          A short play about a parent and child who have been concealing their true identities.

          Published in volume Irish Shorts

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            J.M. Barrie, Ella Hickson

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