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Dead Dad Dog

An offbeat short comedy with a political edge, in which an unemployed young man is dogged by his deceased father.

Published in volume Scot-Free

    Angels in America Part One: Millennium Approaches

    Part One of the two-part Angels in America, an epic drama set during the Reagan years in America - now recognised as one of the greatest plays of the twentieth century.

    Angels in America Part Two: Perestroika

    The second part of Tony Kushner's acclaimed epic drama set during the Reagan years in America.

    The Skriker

    An extraordinary collision of ancient fairytale and fractured urban England.

    The Devil is an Ass

    Ben Jonson's 1616 comedy about a junior demon who persuades his master Satan to let him spend a day in London.

    The Great God Brown

    A demonstration of O'Neill's expressionistic experimentation with masks to emphasise the distinction between characters, and the lack of understanding in human relationships.

      Faust: Parts I & II

      A two-part version of Goethe's great work, retaining the mighty scope, linguistic daring and philosophical intricacy of the original.

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      Doctor Faustus

      The classic story of the learned Doctor Faustus who sells his soul to the devil.

      Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (stage version)

      A superb adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's famous story of the unassuming Dr Jekyll and his dark alter-ego Mr Hyde.

      Beauty and the Beast (Young Vic version)

      A magical re-telling of the story of Beauty and the Beast, with music by Mick Sands drawn from traditional French folk melodies.

      The Spanish Tragedy

      The ghost of a murdered courtier is promised by Revenge that he will see his murderer killed by his mistress. The two ghostly figures sit down to watch the violent proceedings.

      Arabian Nights (Young Vic version)

      A simple and delightfully inventive re-telling of the stories from the Arabian Nights.

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