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A short play about sponsorship and the arts.

Published in volume Caryl Churchill Plays: Five

    Beautiful Eyes

    A short play about a family divided by politics, first performed in the week of Donald Trump's inauguration in 2017.

    Published in volume Caryl Churchill Plays: Five

      Inventing a New Colour

      A war-time Exeter family takes in an evacuee from London.

      Published in volume First Run

        Seven Jewish Children

        A short play written in response to the situation in Gaza at the time of writing in January 2009.

        small hours

        A collaborative theatre piece created by playwrights Lucy Kirkwood and Ed Hime with theatre director Katie Mitchell, dissecting the claustrophobic world of a new mother struggling to cope on her own.

        Death of a Cyclist

        A poignant, bleakly comic short monologue told by a woman killed in a cycling accident.

        The Village Church

        A short play about faith, families, and fitting in.

        Baby Dolls

        A futuristic comedy about conception, state control and rebellion.

        How to Not Sink

        A short play by Georgia Christou that looks at duty, love and dependency across three generations of women.

        The Nightclub

        A short play about three very different women at a gay nightclub in Orlando, who are caught up in a terrifying hate crime.

        Fucking Feminists

        A fiercely funny short play by Rose Lewenstein, investigating what feminism means, and what it has become.


        Tituba by Winsome Pinnock is a one-woman show about Tituba Indian, the enslaved woman who played a central role in the seventeenth-century Salem Witch Trials.

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