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Dancing Bears

A short play laying bare the twisted loyalties and violence in teenage gangs.

Dark Sublime

A play about joy and heartbreak, quarries and transmat beams – a love-letter to British sci-fi television.


A fascinating - and terrifying - drama that explores the world of data commodification and the uncharted deep web.


A beautiful, ferocious play about the bonds that tie us, and how we sometimes need to break them.

Daughters of the Revolution

A political thriller set in the midst of a bitterly fought US governor's election, from the Democrat perspective. Daughters of the Revolution is one part of David Edgar's magnificent two-play cycle, Continental Divide. Its companion play, Mothers Against, explores the same election from the Republican side.

Published in volume Continental Divide

    David Copperfield (stage version)

    One of Dickens's best-loved and most autobiographical stories, brilliantly and faithfully dramatised by Alastair Cording.

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    The Day I Stood Still

    A poignantly funny drama from the author of My Night With Reg, about the heartbreak of unrequited love and the power of memories.

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    Dean McBride

    A vivid and poetic monologue play about deprivation, loss and redemption through love, telling the story of Dean, a young man hardened by suffering, who struggles in life before finding his way back to happiness.

    Dear Lupin (stage version)

    Michael Simkins' immensely charming stage adaptation of Dear Lupin, the witty and touching collection of letters from a father to his son that became a huge bestseller, winner of The Sunday Times Humour Book of the Year.

    Death of a Cyclist

    A poignant, bleakly comic short monologue told by a woman killed in a cycling accident.


    Ten years after 9/11, twenty international writers respond to the defining event of our times.

    The Deep Blue Sea

    Written in the early fifties when Rattigan was at the height of his powers, The Deep Blue Sea is a powerful account of lives blighted by love - or the lack of it.

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    The Haunting Instagram

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