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Seven Jewish Children

A short play written in response to the situation in Gaza at the time of writing in January 2009.

  • Paperback


A monologue play in which a 17-year-old girl tells us the story of her relationship with an older man and what it led to.

Published in volume St Petersburg and other plays

    Catherine Medbh

    A bittersweet and hesitant duologue in a bar between a youngish man and woman who are ex-lovers.

    Published in volume St Petersburg and other plays

      Inventing a New Colour

      A war-time Exeter family takes in an evacuee from London.

      Published in volume First Run

        The Letter-Box

        A short play about domestic abuse, and its terrifying impact on families.

        Published in volume Scot-Free

          Elizabeth Gordon Quinn (original Traverse Theatre version)

          A contemporary classic set during the Glasgow Rent Strike of 1915, with one of the best women's roles ever to emerge from Scottish theatre, an unforgettable tragicomic heroine with an extraordinary power to repel and attract.

          Published in volume Scot-Free

            Saturday at the Commodore

            A short solo play from the award-winning Scottish playwright, in which an Aberdonian woman remembers a painful teenage betrayal.

            Published in volume Scot-Free

              Manon / Sandra

              A controversial but humane play about an obsessively religious girl and a sex-obsessed transvestite, by the renowned Quebecois writer.

                Albertine in Five Times

                A simultaneous portrait of a woman at five different ages. Five actresses portray Albertine at different times of her life whilst conversing freely with each other and with their sister Madeleine.

                  Low in the Dark

                  A witty and absurdist play that dismantles the myths of motherhood and exposes the sexism of language and religious imagery.

                  Published in volume The Crack in the Emerald


                    A psychological horror story about a woman suffering a mental breakdown, from the award-winning author of Iron.

                      A Mouthful of Birds

                      A collaborative piece written with David Lan, combining words and dance. Inspired by Euripides' Bacchae, the play explores modern experiences of 'possession, violence and other states where people feel beside themselves'.

                      Published in volume Caryl Churchill Plays: Three