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Just the Three of Us

A stylish mix of the comic and the macabre, exploring ideas about love, both platonic and romantic.

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A darkly comic thriller set in the grim, seething and sometimes hilarious criminal world of Dublin's suburbs.

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Me, As A Penguin

A charmingly offbeat, surreal comedy of knitting, penguins and Battenberg.

The Late Middle Classes

A funny yet melancholic look at the frustrations, secrets and guilt of middle-class respectability in 1950s England.

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While You Lie

A blistering play about our need for honesty in relationships and how it can sometimes bring about their downfall.

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No Romance

A tender and funny tale about our secret selves, and our search for connection in a fractured world.

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Clybourne Park

An acerbically brilliant satire that explores the fault line between race and property.


A romantic-comedy-thriller about the heat of love and the magic of changing perspectives.

Little Baby Jesus

Three magnetic personalities and three remarkable stories from the poetic imagination of Arinzé Kene.

Dusk Rings A Bell

A beautifully crafted play from the American playwright, author of Tape and associate writer of The Laramie Project, whose events are echoed in this play.

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No Naughty Bits

A gloriously funny play about the nature of comedy, the operation of censorship, and the complex misunderstandings implicit in the Anglo-American relationship.

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The Kitchen Sink

An irresistibly funny and tender play about big dreams and small changes.

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25 Jun - 4 Jul
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