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On the Ceiling

A quirky comedy about the painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, from the well-known actor and writer - seen in the West End starring Ron Cook and Ralf Little.

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An Octoroon

The Obie Award-winning play about race and identity in America today.

O go my Man

A satirical comedy of modern manners set in contemporary Dublin. Joint winner of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize for 2006-07.


Lucy Kirkwood’s sharp comedy looks at power games and privacy in the media and beyond.


Notes for First Time Astronauts

A comic monologue warning of the perils of self-abuse in zero gravity conditions.

Published in volume Me, As A Penguin

    Not a Game for Boys

    A razor-sharp comedy about three cabbies competing in a local table tennis league.

    No Romance

    A tender and funny tale about our secret selves, and our search for connection in a fractured world.

    No Naughty Bits

    A gloriously funny play about the nature of comedy, the operation of censorship, and the complex misunderstandings implicit in the Anglo-American relationship.

    Nine Night

    A touching and very funny exploration of the rituals of family, set amidst a traditional Jamaican Nine Night wake.

    A Night in November

    The multi-award-winning playwright explores the subjects of football and sectarianism, set during the 1994 World Cup.

      The Night Heron

      A dark, funny, spellbinding play about a group of outcasts and eccentrics gathered in the Cambridgeshire fens.

      Nice Fish

      A sublimely playful, profound and very funny play, by celebrated actor Mark Rylance and Minnesotan contemporary prose poet Louis Jenkins.

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      Charles Dickens, Hugh Janes

      The Haunting Instagram

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