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I Wanna Be Yours

A tender, funny, lyrical debut play about finding love and holding onto it with everything you've got, premiered by Paines Plough and Tamasha.

I Just Stopped By To See The Man

A play about the myth surrounding an old blues singer, from the author of The Libertine.

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A play about food, love, class and grief in a world where there's little left to savour.


A play about family, culture clash, memory and truth, commissioned by acclaimed theatre company Clean Break.

    The Hospital at the Time of the Revolution

    A forensic insight into the adjustment of morality for the sake of conscience.

    Published in volume Caryl Churchill: Shorts


      A powerful, inventive play exploring the issue of homelessness amongst young people.

      Holy Sh!t

      An acerbic new comedy about four forty-somethings wrestling for school places for their children.

      The Hoes

      A riotous celebration of sisterhood, showing that while life may throw up unexpected turbulence, friendships will last the course.


      A shattering play about one woman's unspeakable decision.

      The Gospel at Colonus

      Writing at the end of his own long life, in Oedipus at Colonus Sophocles depicts his doomed hero's final hours; at the moment of his death the aged Oedipus is free at last. Envisaging this meditation on mortality as a rousing service in a black church, Lee Breuer has created a remarkable text based on Robert Fitzgerald's splendid translation.

      good dog

      A theatrical monologue that chronicles growing up in a multicultural community, and the everyday injustices that drive people to take back control.

      God's Property

      A timely and compelling play about race, brotherhood and the weight of past mistakes.