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dirty butterfly

A mesmerising and startling play about voyeurism, power and guilt.

born bad

A hard-hitting and original family drama.

Bang Bang Bang

A revealing play that goes behind the public face of charities, journalists and NGOs.


An unsettling, intelligent and savagely funny play about oil geopolitics and the price of human life.

The Sugar Wife

Love, lust, prostitution and slavery in a 19th-century Quaker household. Winner of the 2006 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize.

stoning mary

Mysterious yet compelling, bewildering yet intoxicating, a play that mixes poetic rhythms with vernacular phrases, rap-song repetitions with complex psychology.

East is East

A wonderful comedy about growing up in multiracial Salford.

Leave Taking

Two generations. Three incredible women. An epic story of what we leave behind in order to find home.


A gripping and urgent play about a well-meaning teacher who intervenes on behalf of a troublesome student, with terrifying consequences.


A vivid and compelling thriller about belief and retribution.

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Mad About the Boy

A timely, urgent, razor-sharp drama about a teenage boy fighting to save his reputation, torn between the influence of his family, his friends and his school.

Egusi Soup

A fast and funny family drama about intergenerational and cross-cultural relationships - containing plenty of spicy bits…