By Dawn King


Most Promising Playwright, Off West End Awards - 2012

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ISBN: 9781848422445
Format: 202mm x 132mm
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Published: 1st December 2011
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Category: Drama, English, Full length plays, Modern drama (post-1945), Politics & war, Small cast (3-6 performers)

Series: NHB Modern Plays

Cast Notes: 2f 2m

Cast Notes show the number of performers required to perform the play, usually following the casting of the professional premiere. Doubling indicates that some or all performers play more than one part, and the play could be performed by more performers. For more detailed information about the cast requirements for any particular play, contact the Performing Rights Manager.

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Staging: various interior and exterior settings, can be simply staged
Amateur rights performance fee: £75.00 per performance (plus VAT where applicable)

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Downloadable Guide Sheet: Foxfinder.pdf

A gripping and unsettling parable, Foxfinder is darkly comic exploration of belief, desire and responsibility, set in a world both strange and familiar.

Winner of the 2011 Papatango New Writing Competition

William Bloor, a ‘foxfinder', arrives at Sam and Judith Covey's farm to investigate a suspected contamination. He is driven by his education and beliefs to unearth and destroy an animal that threatens man's civilisation, and to remain free from its influence himself. As his investigations proceed, the events that follow change the course of all their lives - for ever.

'Dawn King's play shines out like a beacon... the most compelling new work I have seen this year.'

- Guardian

'grippingly atmospheric, dark and tense... We may not find any foxes here but we'll certainly uncover some terrific young talent'

- Evening Standard

'clever and original... remarkable script'

- Spoonfed

'excitingly unusual... fascinating ideas'

- The Times

Dawn King is an award-winning writer who works in theatre, radio and film. She is a member of the BBC Writersroom 10, and Playwright in Residence at the Finborough Theatre. Her other plays include Face Value (Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough) and The Bitches' Ball (Hoxton Hall, national tour and Edinburgh Assembly Rooms).

Discussion Board:

Reviewed by: LesleyS on 4th July 2012 11:41AM

Why did I choose to direct “Foxfinder”?

It’s an intriguing storyline; I didn’t see the end coming for example.
It creates a believable world; perhaps only a hop away from where we are today.
But ultimately, for me, the characters clinch it.
I could be Sarah, you could be Judith, and there is something of the Samuel in everyone I know.
But most of all, I have a sense that, any one of us… given the right circumstances… could be a Foxfinder…

“Foxfinder” 12-13 & 18-20 October at Putney Arts Theatre.

Reviewed by: Barrie Smith on 11th July 2014 8:25AM

I've just directed this gripping and sinister play for Capital Theatre Company. This futuristic parable hooks the audience early on and holds it in a vice-like grip until the shattering climax 90 minutes later. Played in the round, our production relied heavily on sound and lighting to create the required atmosphere. This worked well in what is a very visceral play in which the elements and nature itself - wind, rain, animal noises - play such an important part. We were also blessed with a talented eighteen-year-old to play the foxfinder. I think it's crucial to cast a convincing young man, making his invasive inspection of the Covey's farm all the more sinister. All-in-all I would thoroughly recommend the play as a small cast, actor-centred drama.

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