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Bird (Chandler)

Winner of a Judges Award in the 2013 Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting, Bird is a raw, delicate and bold play about growing up in a care home, and eventually leaving it for the outside world.

Bird (Lomas)

A cutting-edge monologue that throws light on the experience of a teenager in contemporary Britain, from one of the country's most exciting young playwrights.

    Bird and other monologues for young women

    Three hard-hitting, distinctive monologues for young female actors, from one of the country's most exciting young playwrights.

    The Birds (stage version)

    A suspensful, atmospheric adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's enthralling short story.

    Black Love

    An explosion of form-busting storytelling, combining real-life stories, imagined worlds, and new songs inspired by an R&B heritage.

    Black Milk

    A worm's eye view of post-Communist Russia.


    A contemporary, lyrical love story that explores the changes and choices that pull us from the places and people we love.

    Bleeding Heart

    A short dark comedy from Spain, in which a naive middle-aged transvestite encounters a petty thief nicknamed 'sour face'.

    The Blinding Light

    A powerful play about the life of playwright August Strindberg, focusing on what he called his 'Inferno' period, when he suffered a notorious breakdown in Paris in 1896.


    A wild and slippery fantasy from French-Canadian writer Olivier Choinière, translated by Caryl Churchill, exploring our insatiable appetite for private lives made public.

    Blister (Multiplay Drama)

    A tense relationship drama which examines how the effects of one moment can ripple through a galaxy of lives. In the Multiplay Drama series.

    Blood and Ice

    Renowned poet and dramatist Liz Lochhead tells the story of Frankenstein's creation.

    Blood Wedding

    García Lorca's blood-soaked story of doomed love, in a version by playwright Tanya Ronder.

    Blood Wedding (Drama Classic)

    García Lorca's passionate, lyrical tale of longing and revenge: a twentieth century masterpiece.

    Bloody Elle

    A heart-warming and belly-achingly funny story about falling in love for the very first time.

    Bloody Wimmin

    A short play about the protests at Greenham Common, a political landmark in the fight for nuclear disarmament.

    Blue (Multiplay Drama)

    A disquieting and darkly funny play which shines a light on the state of mental-health services in modern Britain. In the Multiplay Drama series.

    Blue Heart

    Two exhilarating and teasingly entertaining one-act plays from one of the UK's leading playwrights.