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The Dance of Death

A visceral new version of Strindberg’s compelling, bitingly funny battle of wills.

Cyrano de Bergerac

The nineteenth-century French classic about the swordsman-poet with the nose too large to be taken seriously, in an acclaimed English translation by Anthony Burgess.

Cuckold Ubu

A sequel to King Ubu, Alfred Jarry's surreal and hilarious satire of power, greed, and bourgeois pretension. Cuckold Ubu continues the adventures of Pa Ubu.

Published in volume Ubu


    Passionate, dangerously funny, and enduringly perceptive, a wickedly enjoyable black comedy that Strindberg considered his masterpiece.

    The Country Wife

    A classically bawdy Restoration Comedy, widely regarded as one of the filthiest and funniest plays ever written.

    The City Madam (RSC edition)

    A waspish city comedy attacking the vices of hypocrisy, greed, self-indulgence and social pretension.

    The Cherry Orchard

    Chekhov's classic tragicomedy, translated and introduced by Stephen Mulrine.

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    Chekhov: Shorts

    A collection of five of Anton Chekhov’s best-known short plays, in brand new English translations.

    Chekhov: Four Plays

    Anton Chekhov's four greatest plays in one volume - in sensitive, accurate and much-performed translations. In the Nick Hern Books Drama Classic Collections series.


    Shakespeare's 'lost play' re-imagined

    Set in the heat and dust of Andalusia in seventeenth-century Spain, Cardenio is the story of a friendship betrayed, with all the elements of a thriller: disguise, dishonour and deceit.

    Blood Wedding

    García Lorca's blood-soaked story of doomed love, in a version by playwright Tanya Ronder.

    Blood Wedding

    García Lorca's passionate, lyrical tale of longing and revenge: a twentieth century masterpiece.

    Believe What You Will

    A Middle-Eastern leader comes out of hiding, and is hounded from state to state by the forces of the Roman Empire who threaten sanctions and ultimately war on anyone who harbours him.

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    The Bear

    A one-act comic play about a reclusive young widow whose life takes a surprisingly romantic turn.

    Published in volume Chekhov: Shorts


      The story of revenge by the half-man, half-god Dionysos on Pentheus, King of Thebes, and all his people.

      Arden of Faversham

      A domestic tragedy about a woman plotting to have her husband murdered, Arden of Faversham was first published in 1592. Its authorship is unknown, although suggestions include Thomas Kyd, Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare.


      By Sophocles Translated by Marianne McDonald

      The first great 'resistance' drama - and perhaps the definitive Greek tragedy.

      Anna Christie

      Eugene O’Neill’s epic Pulitzer Prize-winning play about love and forgiveness.