Modern Drama

This section contains plays written or premiered after 1945.

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St Petersburg

A haunting, elliptical play by a talented writer from Northern Ireland.

Published in volume St Petersburg and other plays

    St Nicholas

    An eccentric, teasing yarn from the multi-award-winning author of The Weir.


    A dazzlingly entertaining dramatisation of three stories by the celebrated black iconoclast, Zora Heale Hurston: a rich folk tapestry of rural and urban black America in the 20th century.

    Spring Awakening: A Musical

    The groundbreaking rock musical about teenage sexuality, with book and lyrics by Steven Sater and music by Duncan Sheik.

    Spooky Action at a Distance

    A hard-hitting, poignant play about anti-immigration sentiment in Britain today. In the Multiplay Drama series.


    A contemporary tragedy set in small-town Ireland, by one of Ireland's most exciting playwrights.


    A taut, thrilling debut play for two actors, premiered at Theatre503, London.


    The true-life drama of the extraordinary bond between two identical twin girls and their struggle to find a voice.

    Speech & Debate

    A fiercely funny play by the Tony Award-winning author of The Humans.

    Speaking in Tongues

    A powerful study of infidelity and interwoven lives, filmed as the award-winning Lantana.

    Spanish Plays

    A collection of modern Spanish and Catalan plays in translations by practising English playwrights, commissioned and first staged by the Royal Court Theatre.

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    A monologue play in which a teenage girl roams the streets of Withernsea in search of aliens.

    Published in volume The Kitchen Sink

      The Southbury Child

      A darkly comic play exploring family and community, the savage divisions of contemporary society and the rituals that punctuate our lives.

      The Sound Inside

      A riveting play exploring the limits of what one person can ask of another.

      Sotto Voce

      An imaginative exploration of the power of memory, love and human connection.

      Sorry, You're Not a Winner

      A powerful and striking play that explores aspiration, social mobility and getting caught between classes.

      Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven and Other Plays

      A collection of plays from the experimental writer-director Young Jean Lee.

      Something Awful

      A thrilling play inspired by the true-crime story of the Slenderman.