Modern Drama

This section contains plays written or premiered after 1945.

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A contemporary tragedy set in small-town Ireland, by one of Ireland's most exciting playwrights.


A taut, thrilling debut play for two actors, premiered at Theatre503, London.


The true-life drama of the extraordinary bond between two identical twin girls and their struggle to find a voice.

Speech & Debate

A fiercely funny play by the Tony Award-winning author of The Humans.

Speaking in Tongues

A powerful study of infidelity and interwoven lives, filmed as the award-winning Lantana.

Spanish Plays

A collection of modern Spanish and Catalan plays in translations by practising English playwrights, commissioned and first staged by the Royal Court Theatre.

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A monologue play in which a teenage girl roams the streets of Withernsea in search of aliens.

Published in volume The Kitchen Sink

    The Southbury Child

    A darkly comic play exploring family and community, the savage divisions of contemporary society and the rituals that punctuate our lives.

    The Sound Inside

    A riveting play exploring the limits of what one person can ask of another.

    Sotto Voce

    An imaginative exploration of the power of memory, love and human connection.

    Sorry, You're Not a Winner

    A powerful and striking play that explores aspiration, social mobility and getting caught between classes.

    Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven and Other Plays

    A collection of plays from the experimental writer-director Young Jean Lee.

    Something Awful

    A thrilling play inspired by the true-crime story of the Slenderman.

    Someone Else's Shoes

    A sharp and witty satire on the commodification of art and life.

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    Some Of Us Exist In The Future

    An utterly original, wryly funny play about one woman's search for a place to belong in a world that's not all it seems. Joint winner of the 2021 Papatango New Writing Prize.

    Published in volume Papatango Plays

      The Solid Life of Sugar Water

      An intimate, tender play about loss, hurt and rediscovery, from Jack Thorne.

      Solemn Mass for a Full Moon in Summer

      A bold, quirky play from the renowned Quebecois writer, translated into a robust and earthy Scots.

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      soft animals

      A tender and unflinching story about motherhood, self-destruction and the way women help each other heal.