Modern Drama

This section contains plays written or premiered after 1945.

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Plays from VAULT 2

Five new plays from VAULT Festival

An anthology of five of the best plays from VAULT 2017, London's biggest and most exciting arts festival.

Angels in America

A magnificent, two-part epic drama set during the Reagan years in America - now recognised as one of the greatest plays of the twentieth century.

Comment is Free & Start Swimming

Two plays

Two plays by award-winning writer James Fritz, each asking urgent, pointed and complex questions of the times we live in.

Heretic Voices

Three Award-winning Monologues

An anthology of the best new writing in monologue form, celebrating unique voices with exceptional stories to tell.

Buggy Baby & The Mikvah Project: Two Plays

Two plays showcasing the exciting and distinctive voice of Josh Azouz.

Women Centre Stage: Eight Short Plays By and About Women

Edited by Sue Parrish

A collection of short plays curated by Sue Parrish, Artistic Director of Sphinx Theatre.

Citysong and other plays

The Verity Bargate Award-winning play about three generations of a Dublin family, plus two other plays: Boys and Girls and Drawing Crosses on a Dusty Windowpane.

There Are No Beginnings

A play about the women whose lives and livelihoods were affected by the murderous attacks of the Yorkshire Ripper.

Little Baby Jesus & Estate Walls

Two plays

Two plays, both set in contemporary inner-city London, showcasing the remarkable poetic and theatrical imagination of writer/performer Arinzé Kene.

SAUCE and All honey: Two Plays

Two sweet and saucy comedies from an award-winning Irish playwright.

15 Heroines

15 Monologues Adapted from Ovid

Drawing inspiration from Ovid, fifteen leading female and non-binary British playwrights dramatise the lives of fifteen classical heroines in a series of new monologues for the twenty-first century.

Our Generation

An engrossing verbatim created from five years of interviews with twelve young people from across the UK. A captivating portrait of their teenage years as they journey into adulthood.

Raging: Three Plays/Seven Years of Warfare in Ireland

Wild Sky, Embargo & Outrage

A trilogy of landmark plays - Wild Sky, Embargo and Outrage - commemorating seven years of warfare in Ireland, from the 1916 Easter Rising to the Civil War which began in 1922.

Steve Waters: Shorts

Five Plays

Five short plays from acclaimed playwright Steve Waters, all of them deeply personal accounts of his attempts to make sense of twenty-first-century Britain and an ever-changing world.

Papatango Plays

Three Prize-Winning Plays

Three urgent and compelling plays, joint winners of the 2021 New Writing Prize awarded by acclaimed theatre company Papatango, in partnership with English Touring Theatre.

Insurrection: Holding History

An African-American graduate student is transported back through time, with his 189-year-old grandfather, to Nat Turner's infamous slave rebellion.

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By Lucy Kirkwood Original author Henrik Ibsen

A startling new version of Hedda Gabler, relocating Ibsen's nineteenth-century heroine to London in 2008.


A disastrous family reunion is the occasion for a sharp and perceptive look at what has happened to 60s idealists and their children.