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Modern Drama

This section contains plays written or premiered after 1945.

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Bé Carna

A short play in which five women reflect on their lives as prostitutes on the streets of Dublin.


A short play in which two lost souls – a young heroin addict and a reclusive middle-aged farmer – discover a budding friendship in the bogs of Meath.

Hue & Cry

A short play in which two Dublin cousins, Damian and Kevin, are reunited for a family funeral in a highly charged encounter full of disillusion, denial and dark laughter.

An Old Song, Half Forgotten

A short play about the life and soul of an older actor living in care with Alzheimer's disease.

Wild Notes

A play exploring the impact of colonialism through a meeting between Frederick Douglass, the escaped slave and abolitionist who visited Ireland in the 1840s, and a young Irishwoman hoping to emigrate to the country he's running from.

Sea Creatures

A haunting play about grief, loss and the power of storytelling.


A brutal, unflinching and funny portrait of one man's life spiralling out of control, in an age where our idols are Kings and our superheroes Gods.


A touching play about two teenagers exploring their queer identities.

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Iphigenia and the Furies (On Taurian Land) & Antigone: 方

Two adaptations that transport mythological stories from Ancient Greece to modern-day civilizations. Led by people of colour, these darkly comedic plays from a leading Canadian playwright depict recognizable plights for justice.

Too Much World at Once

An urgent coming-of-age story for our times, a lyrical, theatrical journey that spans continents and lives.


A hilarious, challenging and heartbreaking play about a gay, disabled man embarking on a sexual and romantic odyssey.

Farm Hall

A stage play based on the true story of six of Germany's top nuclear scientists, detained at a stately home in the Cambridge countryside in the summer of 1945, with no idea that their every word is being overheard.

Run, Rebel (stage version)

A fast-paced, mesmerising stage version of the prize-winning YA verse novel about a young woman beginning to take control of her life. Edition includes a range of teaching materials and resources.


A sparky, soulful comedy drama about the highs and lows of motherhood. Premiered at Hull Truck Theatre, March 2023.

Notes from a Small Island (stage version)


A stage adaptation of Bill Bryson's smash-hit memoir, one of the nation's most beloved books, and a brilliant dissection of the enduring quirks of our small island.

The Way Old Friends Do

A tender, laugh-out-loud comedy about two friends who form the world's first ABBA tribute band in drag.

Holy Ground: The National Black Theatre Festival Anthology

With a manifesto by Dr Maya Angelou

A collection of plays and monologues from the National Black Theatre Festival, one of the most significant events in American theatre. With a manifesto by Dr Maya Angelou.

Plays from VAULT 6

Five new plays from VAULT Festival

An anthology of five of the best plays from VAULT Festival 2023, London's leading festival of live performance.