Modern Drama

This section contains plays written or premiered after 1945.

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Enda Walsh Plays: Two

The second collection of plays from the multi-award-winning Irish playwright, including The Walworth Farce, The New Electric Ballroom, Penelope, Ballyturk and two short plays, with a Foreword by the author.

Enda Walsh Plays: One

The first eight astonishing plays by 'one of the most dazzling wordsmiths of contemporary theatre'.

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

A monologue by a master of the art - 100% pure high octane Bogosian.

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Waiting Room Germany

By Klaus Pohl Translated by David Tushingham

A raw and honest verbatim-theatre play about post-reunification Germany, commissioned in 1994 by Der Spiegel to test the mood of the new Germany.

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The Waiting List

A blackly comic monologue about a man under siege in the community where he grew up.

Published in volume Mojo Mickybo: Three Plays


    A sharp, fast-paced exploration of the possibilities of love, friendship and healing in the search for home. In the Multiplay Drama series.

    Voices from Ukraine: Two Plays

    Two powerful plays about the shattering impact of war, and the astonishing resilience of those living through it, written by two of Ukraine's leading playwrights.

    The Visitor

    A short play about a schoolmaster on the verge of retirement, confronted by a mysterious young man wishing to pay his respects.

    Published in volume Family: three plays

      The Visit, or The Old Lady Comes to Call

      Dürrenmatt's visionary revenge play, one of the great achievements of modern German-language theatre, transported to mid-twentieth-century America by the acclaimed playwright Tony Kushner.

      The Virgin Trial

      The second part of Kate Hennig's powerful Queenmaker Trilogy, retelling the stories of three Tudor queens of England, in contemporary settings.

      Vincent in Brixton

      A moving portrait of the young Vincent van Gogh - a hit in the West End and on Broadway.

      The Village Church

      A short play about faith, families, and fitting in.

      The Village

      A punchy and provocative story about democracy, power, and how we can try to build a better world. In the Nick Hern Books Multiplay Drama series featuring large-cast plays specifically written to be performed by and appeal to young people.

      Victoria's Knickers

      An epic romcom telling the story of an unlikely romance between the Queen of England and a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Premiered by the National Youth Theatre.

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      Contemporary Asian American Plays

      Edited by Chay Yew

      A major anthology of contemporary Asian American drama, exploring the complexities of gender, sexuality, and family, and demonstrating the cultural and aesthetic diversity of the new generation of Asian American voices.

      Vernon God Little (stage version)

      By DBC Pierre Adapted by Tanya Ronder

      A darkly riotous, superbly fast-talking adventure, adapted from the Booker Prize-winning novel.

      The Vermont Plays

      The debut collection of celebrated American playwright Annie Baker, including her Obie award-winning play Circle Mirror Transformation.

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      A bold exploration of colonisation and objectification, based on the true story of the 'Hottentot Venus'.

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