In The Heart of America and other plays
Paperback, 352 pages ISBN: 9781559361866Publication Date:
16 Aug 2001
Size: 215mm x 135mm£18.99

In The Heart of America and other plays

By Naomi Wallace

Paperback £18.99

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A five-play collection of work by an American playwright whose work has mainly premiered in Britain.

'Naomi Wallace has the not-to-be-ignored voice of a true poet... These plays are an antidote to despair' - Tony Kushner

This volume contains:

One Flea Spare: 2f 3m (Bush Theatre, London, 1995)

In the Heart of America: 2f 3m (Bush Theatre, London, 1994)

Slaughter City: 2f 6m (RSC, 1996)

The War Boys: 3m (Finborough Theatre, London, 1993)

The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek: 2f 3m (Traverse, Edinburgh, 2001)

Press Quotes

'one of the finest works of dramatic literature written in America or in England in the last two decades'

Tony Kushner on 'One Flea Spare'

'Never have I been so moved by the politics of the human body; never have I had such a poignant sense of physical pain and pleasure as a marker of time passing'

Village Voice on 'One Flea Spare'

'has the driving political anger and entwining of the personal and political that marked some of the best British writing of the early seventies'

Guardian on 'In the Heart of America'

'a strange and compelling play that unites two elements in the American tradition – the radical and the mystic. If it reminds me of anyone it is the Walt Whitman who wrote of 'the audacity of freedom' and the need for America to free itself from an anti-democratic European past'

Guardian on 'Slaughter City'

'a vital play about the informal policing of the Mexican border in Texas by screwed-up, sadistic vigilantes'

Time Out on 'War Boys'

'a lovely, strikingly poetic Depression-era play. By the end, the play, like that train, has built up a full head of steam and we feel its power'

New York Times on 'The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek'
Paperback, 352 pages ISBN: 9781559361866Publication Date:
16 Aug 2001
Size: 215mm x 135mm£18.99

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