Hot Irons (Bin End Stock)
Hardback, 268 pages ISBN: NHB1854591234Publication Date:
2 Jan 1995
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Hot Irons (Bin End Stock)

By Howard Brenton

Hardback £15.99£8.00


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A hardback volume of essays and diaries from the writer of The Romans in Britain.

Howard Brenton has long been stuck with the label 'controversial'. This volume, however, reveals a much more complex, humane and thoughtful person than the headlines and snap judgments would allow.

Included here are articles on the resignation of Margaret Thatcher and the legacy of Bertolt Brecht, the 'unbearable heaviness' of being English and thoughts on the avant-garde in Paris and Amsterdam.

Four previously unpublished diaries centre on rehearsals for Berlin Bertie, and on a countrywide tour of solo readings of The Romans in Britain which he undertook to raise funds to fight its prosecution by Mary Whitehouse.

'A born writer' - Michael Billington


Press Quotes

'Brenton in an unbuttoned but fiercely and uncompromisingly serious mood'

Sunday Times
Hardback, 268 pages ISBN: NHB1854591234Publication Date:
2 Jan 1995
£15.99 £8.00You save £7.99 (50%)

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