Genevieve Barr

Genevieve Barr is a deaf writer and actor from Harrogate.

After reading History and English Literature at the University of Edinburgh, Genevieve taught at a secondary school in South London before her breakout performance in the lead role in The Silence for the BBC.

As a writer, Genevieve won the Red Planet Prize in 2020 and has original series commissions with ITV and Channel 4. She contributed a monologue, Thunderbox, to the BBC's CripTales in 2020. She has also co-written a single drama for the BBC with Jack Thorne.

As an actor, Genevieve is also known for her roles in BBC's Press and Call the Midwife, BAFTA-winning series The Fades, ITV's Liar and Channel 4's Shameless. She starred alongside Sarah Lancashire in Channel 4's The Accident, which became the highest-rated drama premiere of 2019.