Drama Classics series

The world's great plays at a great little price

Each pocket-sized volume contains:

  • a full introduction
  • an author biography
  • notes on historical and theatrical context
  • a plot synopsis
  • key dates
  • a further reading list
  • a glossary of unusual words and phrases (English-language texts)

The texts are presented uncut (with the exception of Faust, which is adapted for staging in a single evening) and uncluttered with footnotes; the translations are accurate and actable.

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Women Beware Women
  • Paperback£4.99 £3.99
Women of Troy
By Euripides Translated by Kenneth McLeish
  • Paperback£3.99 £3.19
Woyzeck (Drama Classics)
  • Paperback£4.99 £3.99
  • EPUB£4.99 £3.99
  • Paperback£4.50 £3.60
  • EPUB£4.99 £3.99