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Words Into Action

Finding the Life of the Play

Packed with insights from a lifetime of directing theatre, Words into Action is a fascinating read and a vital masterclass for actors and directors.

Why Is That So Funny?

A Practical Exploration of Physical Comedy

By John Wright Foreword by Toby Jones

A practical investigation of how comedy works, by a well-respected practitioner and teacher. With a Foreword by Toby Jones.

What Country, Friends, Is This?: Directing Shakespeare with Young Performers

A highly practical, comprehensive guide to exploring Shakespeare with young people – ideal for directors, youth theatre leaders, workshop facilitators and teachers.

What Actors Do

Advice to the Players in Seven Paradoxes and a Manifesto

Revered theatre director Mike Alfreds explores the wellspring of the actor's craft. Frank, uncompromising and full of sharply focused insights, this book will show you how to generate truthful performances by trusting your inner creativity and remaining radically open, responsive and present in every moment.

The Viewpoints Book

A Practical Guide to Viewpoints and Composition

An essential introduction to the history, terminology and philosophy of Viewpoints, the fast-growing technique of improvisation used by actors in rehearsal and training.

Twelfth Night: A User's Guide

An intensely practical account of the way Twelfth Night actually works on stage, by an acclaimed actor and director.

Through The Body

A Practical Guide to Physical Theatre

A step-by-step guide to Physical Theatre in both theory and practice - full of detailed exercises and inspiring ideas.

Then What Happens?

Storytelling and Adapting for the Theatre

A practical investigation into story-theatre and the art of telling stories through theatre, by the renowned director who founded Shared Experience Theatre Company.

Theater for Beginners

A unique meditation on the art and practice of theatre, from one of its most original thinkers and practitioners.

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Telling the Truth

How to Make Verbatim Theatre

A practical guide to creating and producing verbatim theatre, by an experienced theatre-maker and practitioner.

Taking Stock: The Theatre of Max Stafford-Clark

Inside accounts of the making of some of the most influential theatre productions of the last four decades.

Tackling Text [and subtext]

A Step-by-Step Guide for Actors

An intensely practical handbook for actors on how to cope with text, subtext, character and situation.

Sweet William: A User's Guide to Shakespeare

An exploration of Shakespeare's life and work by a leading actor who has spent twenty thousand hours working on the plays.

Strasberg at the Actors Studio

Transcriptions of actual tuition sessions by the originator of Method Acting - the next best thing to being taught by Strasberg himself.

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Staging Story: Five Fundamentals for the Beginning Stage Director

Essential advice for theatre directors, focusing on five fundamentals for staging a play - Story, Intention, Character, Space and Theme.

Stage Director's Handbook

Opportunities for Directors and Choreographers

An essential handbook for student and professional directors, covering training and courses, grants and fellowships, companies and organisations, agents and managers, and much more.

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Stage Combat: Unarmed (with Online Video Content)

Everything you need to know in order to create and perform unarmed stage fights that are compelling, realistic and, above all, safe.

Speaking the Speech

An Actor's Guide to Shakespeare

By Giles Block Foreword by Mark Rylance

An invaluable book for actors and directors who want to improve their understanding of Shakespeare’s language in order to speak it better.