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Learning Your Lines: The Compact Guide

This accessible, systematic guide will teach you how to memorise your lines quickly and effectively, and let go of the fear of forgetting them – helping you build confidence and focus, and reducing anxiety and stress around auditions, rehearsal and performance.

  • Published 22 Apr 2021Paperback£8.99 £7.19
  • Published 22 Apr 2021EPUB£8.99 £7.19
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Little Wars

Set in the French Alps in 1940, this thrilling play – based on truth – is an enthralling, entertaining and ultimately moving portrait of seven exceptional women.

  • Published 29 Apr 2021Paperback£9.99 £7.99
  • Published 29 Apr 2021EPUB£9.99 £7.99
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Crumbs from the Table of Joy

An arresting, thought-provoking play about racial and social issues of the late 1950s, by the first woman to win two Pulitzer Prizes for Drama.

  • Published 29 Apr 2021Paperback£10.99 £8.79

The Motherhood Project

Monologues and Reflections on Motherhood

A collection of dramatic monologues and real-life reflections by some of the UK’s leading writers, artists and thinkers, and explores all the guilt, joy and absurdity, the regrets, pressures and taboos surrounding motherhood.

  • Published 29 Apr 2021Paperback£10.99 £8.79
  • Published 29 Apr 2021EPUB£10.99 £8.79
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A thrilling and razor-sharp twisted comedy on the corrosive effects of social media and isolation.

  • Published 20 May 2021Paperback£9.99 £7.99
  • Published 20 May 2021EPUB£9.99 £7.99
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Getting, Keeping & Working with Your Acting Agent: The Compact Guide


This empowering, informative guide explains everything actors need to know about agents – how to find one, what they do, and how to work with them effectively to help you succeed in your career.

  • Published 27 May 2021Paperback£8.99 £7.19
  • Published 27 May 2021EPUB£8.99 £7.19
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Hamilton and Me

An Actor's Journal

A unique, inside account of preparing for, rehearsing and performing in one of the most important cultural phenomena of our time – Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda – from London’s original Aaron Burr.

  • Published 1 Jul 2021Hardback£16.99 £11.99
  • Published 1 Jul 2021EPUB£16.99 £11.99
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Lava (Lombe)

One woman's journey into her own past becomes inextricably linked with the tides of global history in this wickedly funny, strikingly lyrical and explosive debut play.

  • Published 15 Jul 2021Paperback£9.99 £7.99
  • Published 15 Jul 2021EPUB£9.99 £7.99
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