For Teachers

Inspection copies

We offer bona fide teachers, course leaders and lecturers in the UK the opportunity to inspect any of our titles (up to a maximum of three at a time). Please note that the address to which books are sent must be that of the educational establishment at which you teach.

To order inspection copies on approval, select ‘Invoice Me’ from the payment options at checkout, and tick the box for ‘On Approval’. The books will be sent with an approval invoice, which must be paid within 30 days unless the books are returned in mint condition.


Class sets

We offer a 20% discount and free UK postage and packing on class sets of playtexts or books purchased through us. Select ‘Invoice Me’ from the payment options at checkout. Please supply a purchase order number with your order if your finance department requires one on the invoice.


Plays to perform in schools

Many of our plays are suitable for performance in schools - see our plays for children (under 12 years) and our plays for young people (12-18 years). For more details, see our Plays to Perform site. You can also contact our Performing Rights Manager for more specific advice and suggestions.

Please note that school productions of any play still in copyright will usually require a performing rights licence. For more information, visit our How to Apply for Rights section.


Books for Drama Teachers

Browse our Books for Drama Teachers brochure via Issuu:

A downloadable version of our Books for Drama Teachers brochure is available here:

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