Bella Merlin: Samuel French event

Join actor, author and actor-trainer Bella Merlin for an enlightening, empowering discussion about stage fright: why it occurs, how it manifests itself, and how to overcome it. An unmissable event for any actor: those who are experiencing or have previously suffered from stage fright, as well as for those who want to be fully prepared in case that day ever comes. Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask Bella questions yourself in an audience Q&A.

In her new book Facing the Fear: An Actors' Guide to Overcoming Stage Fright – the first book of its kind written specifically for actors – Bella Merlin draws on her own and other actors’ personal experiences to provide all the tools you need to understand, confront and ultimately overcome stage fright and its effects, thereby regaining control over your life and career.

This event will be followed by a booksigning.

A Samuel French event at New Diorama Theatre, London, on Monday 6 June, 7-8.30pm. Tickets £5.

Facing the Fear - An Actor's Guide to Overcoming Stage Fright

Date:  Monday 6th June 2016 7.00pm
Location:  New Diorama Theatre, London

Bella Merlin on Facing the Fear

Actor and academic Bella Merlin unveils her new book, Facing the Fear: An Actor's Guide to Overcoming Stage Fright, which explores what happens when (among other symptoms) actors forget their lines.

Joined by director Mike Alfreds (founder of Shared Experience) and neuroscientist Dr Catherine Loveday, she explores this misunderstood and often secretive condition, looking at the neuroscience of learning, the psychology of fear, and practical solutions to deal with performance nerves. 

Chaired by Edward Kemp, Artistic Director of RADA.

This Platform is followed by a booksigning.

Tickets £5 (£4 concessions). Book your tickets here.

Facing the Fear - An Actor's Guide to Overcoming Stage Fright

Bella Merlin, Mike Alfreds

Date:  Tuesday 7th June 2016 5.30pm
Location:  National Theatre, London

Joyce McMillan: Theatre in Scotland

Join leading theatre critic Joyce McMillan for a panoramic overview of the remarkable history of Scottish theatre. Joyce has never failed to spot a great play and champion the performers and writers, and she believes absolutely in the transformative power of drama and its central importance in Scotland.

Borders Book Festival, Melrose, Saturday 18 June, 5.00pm. Tickets £8/£6 from

Theatre in Scotland - A Field of Dreams

Joyce McMillan

Date:  Saturday 18th June 2016 5.00pm
Location:  Borders Book Festival, Melrose

Theatre in Scotland: Reflecting the Nation

Join a distinguished panel of critics and theatre makers to discuss the remarkable journey of modern Scottish theatre, and to explore the directions it might take in the years to come.

The last three decades have seen an extraordinary cultural renaissance in Scotland, reflected in the newfound confidence of its playwrights, in the vibrancy of its theatre culture and in its recent outburst of new theatre companies. Join Orla O’Loughlin (Artistic Director, Traverse Theatre), Joyce McMillan (theatre critic, The Scotsman), Philip Howard (director and dramaturg), and Mark Fisher (theatre journalist) to explore and celebrate this success, and ask what it can tell us about Scotland as a whole.

This event will be followed by a book signing of Joyce McMillan's new book Theatre in Scotland – A Field of Dreams (edited by Philip Howard).

Ticketholders will be able to buy Theatre in Scotland – A Field of Dreams at event at the special price of £10 (normal price £14.99).

Date & Time
Wed 29 Jun, 7.30pm

Full price £5
Standard concession £4

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. Book here.

Theatre in Scotland - A Field of Dreams

Joyce McMillan, Philip Howard

Date:  Wednesday 29th June 2016 7.30pm
Location:  Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh